JULIA DE BOER (Utrecht, 1979)

My first camera from my dad, a Pentax Asahi (1993)

Photo  Academy  Amsterdam (1999)

Dutch Film and Television Academy Amsterdam (2004)




In 2004 I got my degree at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. In three years I worked for the best production companies in the Netherlands, like KIWI FILMZ, Balsa Films, IDTV, Hazazah Film and Photography. Although, these years were a great experience, the one thing that was so important to me was missing. Making photographs. I decided to use my past experience and become a freelance photographer. For over five years now,  I have been making stories with my camera. I feel blessed that I work with the best clients and that I can make a different story every single day. I love photography, especially making portraits and this will never change. Because, every time is a small visit in somebody else’s life and thoughts.


Please have a closer look on my porfolio on this website or visit my facebook page. You can also tab on this link for all my events for The Next Web from 2008 – 2011 and Red Bull Photofiles